Oi pessoal, me desculpem por eu não ter mais postado nada, mais é q tem acontecido umas coisinhas e bom eu to procurando um trampo(trabalho) ai eu só tenho agora to com um tempo muito curto para blogar então eu espero não me ausentar mais do que já estou me ausentando.
Peso a compreensão de todos e muito obrigado.



After running this blog for around 4 years and incurring many loyal followers and even good friends since Day 1, I think it’s about time I do a parts giveaway from my stockpile of random crap I have laying around my garage. So up for grabs is my Prodrive shift knob. I believe retail price back then was $120 USD but as you can see from the plethora of scratches it’s seen most of its life being used to the fullest and is probably worth much less. Thread pitch is M12X1.25. It’s nothing too big but it’s something kinda special from me to one of you. The shift knob is yearning for a better home than my toolbox.

The giveaway is raffle-based. In order to be counted in the raffle you must:

  1. like this photoset
  2. be following me 
  3. reblog if you wish in order to increase your chances of winning (it’s like casting two tickets in the pot)

I’ll be selecting a winner via url from the notes at random of this photoset on September 30th, 2014. I’ll pay shipping. Good luck!

- Dave